Up Only!

cropped-img_1393.jpgOne of my former student-athletes drew my attention to a sign in a building at the bottom of a flight of stairs that read “Up Only”.  It obviously indicated that these stairs were only to be used to go up, other stairs were provided to come down.  But the concept struck me forcibly.  I loved the sign and what it immediately meant to me.

To me, it indicated that once you initiate the first step, your only choice is to continue to climb.  Goals are great, but achieving them should not be our main objective.  Often times, completing a goal can lead to a let down and the question of “now what?” or not achieving a goal might suggest that it is not worth trying anymore, but an attitude of “Up Only” reminds me that a more long lasting motivation is to consistently seek continual growth and constant improvement.

Even when life brings disappointments or perceived temporary failures, our only choice should be to follow the advice of this simple sign and continue “Up Only!”  The only way to the next level is clearly UP!

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2 Responses to Up Only!

  1. Mills says:

    What a great story and also, a wonderful foundation on which to build your leadership and coaching consultancy program. I’m excited to follow along on your adventures. Wishing you all the best!

    • shaygoulding says:

      Thanks for your comment. I stopped by your blog as well and it is simply amazing. I can see I can learn a thing or two from you. Your pictures and insights are wonderful and engaging. Makes me want to come hang out with you! All my best to you! I look forward to following your adventures. Thanks for the support.

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