The hardest part is getting started!


The hardest part is getting started and sometimes the most challenging person to lead is ourselves!  We have all made New Year’s Resolutions and perhaps we have already broken a couple.  Well, now that the hoopla of the New Year is passed, it is really up to us to stay inspired throughout 2013.  If you already broke a resolution, that is okay.  Ask yourself if you are really committed to it.  Is it something you really want?  If so, get back up and give it another shot!  We fell down several times as toddlers, but that didn’t keep us from learning to walk!

I have found this year that my most challenging resolutions are the ones where I want to create something new and do things I haven’t done before.  This website has been a big goal of mine and I am excited that it is finally coming together.   My plan is for it is to assist me in my quest to influence and lead others like you to reach your goals and for us all to become better leaders.  But to be honest, starting to post can feel overwhelming like I am looking at a big blank canvas– exciting, and intimidating all at the same time.  I know I have much to say, the possibilities are endless, but the myriad of choices of just how to begin can be paralyzing.

The fact of the matter is, we just need to start and then everything will begin to flow.  And not until we get started can we really learn what is possible.   Our vision will unfold as we put paint to canvas so to speak.  If we don’t do it, somebody else will do it for us.  The trouble here is that it won’t really reflect who we are.  Too many of us let others paint for us because we are intimidated or lack the faith of what we are truly capable of.  The truth is we won’t know until we go.  So here it is, let’s do it.  What is it you want to start?  What new habit do you want to have?  What project have you been putting off? What blank canvases do you face?  Take the first step, any step that will take you in that direction, and progress will follow!  Goals are great, but continual progress is the real deal.  Keep climbing (or START climbing) from wherever you are NOW… remember, the only way to the next level is up!

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