Want to see improvement? Get a coach!

World class athletes know this, high school and young athletes know this, CEOs know this, opera singers know this, even the divas know this.  Winners at every level know that if you want to improve, if you want to go to the next level, you must get a coach.  Even coaches need a coach!  Today I got a coach and my play improved.

IMG_0420Since I traded in the Utah snow (I do miss it) for the California sand I have done my best to make the most of it.  I now play volleyball on the beach a few times a week, as you can see from my sun tan it has been a tough transition– haha.  In fact, Saturday John and I walked right out our door about 5o paces and played on the nets right in front of our place for about 4 hours.  It was fantastic — I kept thinking to myself… this is January!!

IMG_1328It has been fun to get back out there and play.  I realize now that I had gotten so busy with coaching that I stopped playing the game I used to be so passionate about.  The extent of my playing was hitting downballs to my team and truth be told, it had been so long that I was afraid I would lose credibility if I played.  Ha.  Well, it turns out I am not so bad; I am shaking the rust off and having fun.

Sand ball is a different game than indoor ball.  It is even more humbling and obvious that I don’t have the hops I used to have.  Regardless, my game is coming together and I have enjoyed making new friends out here.  But today, was amazing!  Today, I decided to work with a coach.  I joined three other girls that I met recently and we had a two hour session with Tom Slaughterback.  He was coached by Sinjin Smith,  one of the greatest beach players ever, commonly known in the ’80’s and ’90’s as “King of the Beach”.

We all need feedback if we want to improve and Tom gave me just  a few things to work on and to think about today.  He pushed me beyond what I have been doing lately in our pick up games and I felt my play improved significantly.  That is why I love coaching and that is why I love to be coached.

No matter what our goals are we will get there a lot faster with a coach on our side.  Someone that can give us the feedback we deserve, hold us accountable for taking steps forward, push us to keep our commitments, offer suggestions for adjustments, nudge us on to reach our goals, and simply to cheer us on.

If you are not moving forward, you are falling behind.  To elevate your game and your life, get a coach!  Whether it is on the volleyball court or you are about to run your first 5K,  whether you are hoping to lose weight or want to get stronger, whether you are a coach yourself or the manager of your company; getting a coach or mentor will propel you to the results you want much faster than you can get there on your own.

Contact me when you are ready to get greater clarity and greater results and I will support you 100%.

Remember, the only way to the next level is UP!

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