Feeling the Winds of Change

I love this poem, and love the friend and student athlete that wrote it for me.  I read this poem often and I find strength, inspiration and empowerment from it each time I read it; I hope you do too!

“Feeling the Winds of Change”

Teton peak

I sit atop my mountain feeling the seasonal winds of change.

Behind me lies a jagged cliff in front an unknown range.

Hard, steep climbs are sure to come, I forsee some up ahead.

But a stronger soul within me knows I’ll conquer those rocky beds.

There are peaks and valleys on each path waiting with eager sneer,

But strong willed me pushes on for I laugh in the face of fear.

At times the clouds grow increasingly close blocking my every view,

Then the wind blows hard, which is rough at first but it pushes those heavy clouds through.

Sometimes I forget when the wind knocks me down it happens for my own good,

For it is when I am down that the clouds start to clear and I see opportunities I should.

Then comes a time when the path is unmade and the mountain seems never ending,

But it is these moments I look past the ridge and feel God’s love descending.

Written by one of my dearest friends and former student athletes that wishes to remain anonymous.

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