Moms are Magic

6920_1119623673984_4615017_nMy mom is magic.  She knows things no one else could know.  She smells things no one else can smell.  She sees what no one else can see.

I could give you a long list of all the mysteries my mom solved in our household as I was growing up, but that would take pages and pages.  Let me simply say that she always found hidden clues and answers faster than Nancy Drew ever could.

Let me share one scenario that you might find familiar.  Maybe your mom is magic too…

I can remember coming home from basketball or volleyball practice in high school and often feeling absolutely famished.  On more than one occasion I experienced my mom at her best.  For example, I remember walking in the door once and immediately being greeted with the delicious aroma of freshly made spaghetti and oven toasted garlic bread.  Yum!!

I made a bee line to the dinner table and was soon met by my sisters, my dad, and finally my mom.  We were all anxiously awaiting the cue to dig in — including our dog who sadly looked on from the corner of the room hoping he might get some scraps in the end.  I am pretty sure he knew the most hope came from under the chair of my little sister, Amy.

Once we were all sitting down and the prayer was said, I was ready to dive in.  That is when my mom kindly asked, “Shay, I forgot to grab the salt, will you go get it?”  Being the teenager that I was, I grumbled a little and reluctantly got up to get the salt.  I went right where I knew it should be, but I was focused on getting back to eat and was quite bothered that Mom would ask me to go get something so menial.   The dinner smelled delicious without any added salt.

I went to the cupboard and I did not see the salt.  Once I felt I did not see the salt, I believed wholeheartedly that it was not there.  With the slumped shoulders of a teenager who is quite bothered at her task, I said, “Mom, I don’t see the salt.  The salt is not in here.”

SaltShakerThe conversation continued something like this:

Mom:  “Oh it’s there honey, it should be right in front of you.  Right by the big bottle of olive oil.”

Me:  “Mom, I am looking and it is not here.”

Mom: “Are you sure?”

Me:  “I am positive.”

Now my mom is behind me.  She reaches up past me and directly in front of my eyes she grabs…. yes, you guessed it, the salt!  It was there!  My mom demonstrated her magic once again.

Truthfully, was the salt there?  Of course it was.  My eyes didn’t see it, but it had to be there the whole time.

Beliefs are powerful.  As a matter of fact, consider this thought, “When we believe something we give our mind and body an unquestionable command to behave or perform in a certain way”.  Once I believed the salt was not there, my eyes not wanting to make a fool out of me, obediently did not see it.

From this simple example, we can see the power of beliefs, not to take away from my mom’s mysterious gifts, but our results on a daily basis are a direct reflection of our beliefs about ourselves or about our current situation.

You have probably heard this before, “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Whether you are searching desperately for salt in the great abyss of a dark cabinet, about to serve a volleyball that you are convinced you are going to miss, afraid your first presentation at a large meeting will be a flop, or just concerned you are not an adequately magic mom, be careful to check what your beliefs are.  A simple shift in your beliefs can help you get unstuck and provide the clarity you need to accomplish the task at hand or the larger goal ahead.

IMG_1115 I believe we all have untapped potential, that we are all settling with our sights too low.   As a matter of fact, I believe that if we lived 100 lifetimes we could never exhaust our God-given potential.  Whatever your challenge or dream is ahead of you, believe that you have what it takes to take it head on.  You are enough and you have within you so much more!

And if all else currently fails, believe this:  your mom is magic and she believes in you!

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