Care for Life

I am still involved in this incredible organization in Mozambique.  Here is a story I wrote for the May Newsletter.  Learn about Maria then help me raise awareness of the good and lasting change that Care for Life is making by liking us on facebook.
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Care for Life
May 2013

The Strength of a Woman

Maria do Ceu became a single mother of two young children when her husband passed away one day unexpectedly. But this was not the beginning of Maria’s suffering as she had previously lost her two-year-old daughter, Joaninha, to cholera. Looking back she now realizes that she had made no connection between the disease and everyone’s poor sanitation habits in the village. If she could change anything, she wishes that Care for Life had come into her life sooner, because “If Care for Life had been here then, Joaninha would not have died.”

Maria with her two children in front of her newly constructed home.

Before Care for Life entered the village, Motel Bispo was a typical village. The air was offensive with the foul odor of human waste and there was not a single latrine in the entire village. Naturally the growing piles of refuse invited flies and mosquitoes to the already contaminated environment, but none of the villagers understood the importance of sleeping with mosquito nets. As a result, cholera and malaria were persistent problems and took the lives of many prematurely.

Maria showing her filled out chart with all the goals she accomplished.

With the truths learned through the alliance with Care for Life the lives of all the villagers radically changed. Today, Motel Bispo is completely transformed and nearly unrecognizable from its previously unsanitary state. The village is clean and beautiful; there is no garbage or foul smells from human waste. Family gardens promote a diverse, more nutritious diet and for some, like Maria, a means of income. In fact, Maria recently graduated from Care for Life’ssmall business course and started growing vegetables in her garden, which she now sells at the market. In her future she plans an expansion from the income gained. Maria is also active in the development of her entire community. She helped build a new well, she actively attends all her leadership meetings, and is passionate about the Stay Alive Youth program. She loves being an instructor to the youth and believes the most important thing she can teach the younger generation is how to avoid getting HIV.

Maria selling her surplus at the market.

Maria knows she can’t change the past, but is grateful to feel armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect her families’ health and financial well being for the future. She is an influential leader and example in her community that has helped promote tremendous change and is teaching lifestyle habits that will influence generations to come.

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