High School Coaches

Leslie Sorensen

El D volleyballShay was extremely organized and really stressed the importance of goal setting and measuring performance. One of the words I picked up from her….”be mindful.” I love it! I now use it quite a bit. And the girls do too.  Shay, speaks well, she’s entertaining and she is passionate about what she does. The teams that work with will her will benefit tremendously from her presence.  Go Miners! Go Rangers!  Go Shay!!!  


Tori Johnson

night of valley woodlakeShay Goulding took my team to the next level.  Shay gave my girls the mindset to become Division 4 Valley Champions and to make it to the second round of state!  It is truly amazing what she accomplished in such a short amount of time.

It was above and beyond my expectations!  It is an investment that will improve your team both physically and mentally.  It is absolutely a total package!!  You will be amazed at Shay’s effectiveness.  The tools that Shay will leave you and your team with will be tools they will use for volleyball and for life! Read more.


Casey Norman

bildeShay Goulding is an AMAZING woman!!!! She’s a HUGE influence to women, men, and children everywhere at any age level. Shay has given my athletes, coaching staff and myself a  competitive drive to not merely compete but to play with fervor and to win with dignity!!!! I am truly honored and blessed to say that she is without a doubt a fantastic instructor, mentor and friend!


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