Joy Nakaishi

Joy NakaishiI have seen Shay Goulding in action twice, once with our Weber State volleyball team and the other time I had the opportunity to do a volleyball camp with her.  We had Shay Goulding come speak for our Weber State Volleyball team, She taught these student athletes how to change their mind set in an instant. She was able to take our student athletes to a whole different level. Her energy and passion captivated our student athletes attention. To watch some of these athletes write their fears on one side of a board and their life time goals on the other side and to see the confidence to break through the things they are afraid of (the board) was so exciting to see. She is not just teaching about the sport of volleyball she is teaching about the game of life. Shay is teaching these student athletes how to get the most out of themselves and their careers.

She has something to offer to all ages! I would highly recommend her to talk to ANY team!

Joy Nakaishi Assistant Coach, Weber State University Volleyball


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