LAVA Coaching Clinic Testimonials

“I thought Shay was great. I used two of her drills at my boys’ practice today, and they went really well, so I’m excited to see how the girls like them at LAVA practice tomorrow! In addition to the drills she demoed, I also benefited from the talk on mindset/leadership/physiology. This was my favorite clinic yet!”

–Jennifer Nua, LAVA Volleyball Club

Mary-Keen“Shay, thank you again for attending our coaching clinic.  I found many drills to be valuable to my team.  I have incorporated some of them already and my team really enjoyed them and thrived off the competition.”

–Mary Keen  LAVA 16’s and Hart High School Girls Volleyball Coach


“Shay was the best presenter I’ve heard in a long time.  She was entertaining and knowledgeable and she put on a great clinic.
I loved the drills she demonstrated with the college athletes, but I could also see my freshman boys and my 14’s girls being able to benefit from those same drills.
Thanks again for coming to us!”

— Colleen Nua, Palmdale High School

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