Leslie Sorenson Head Coach El Diamante Volleyball

El D volleyballI certainly enjoyed your coaches clinic at Redwood and I am glad to have purchased your booklet of drills. I liked how you were so organized. That is huge when considering credibility. And while we have been coaching for a lengthy period time, there is always something more to learn. You know the importance of goal setting and measuring performance. Rate of improvement will be accelerated. One of the words I picked up from you….”be mindful.” I love it! I now use it quite a bit. And the girls do too.  I would love to have you come back next summer and work with my girls again. You know how to plan practice and include so many game like situations. I would like to learn a little more on the mental side of the game. I give them a mental toughness handout on that stuff and talk about visualizing and positive self talk. I know the mind is a powerful thing! Shay, you also speak well and are passionate about what you do. The teams that you work with will benefit tremendously from your presence.  Go Miners! Go Rangers!  Go Shay!!!

Leslie Sorenson, Head Coach El Diamante High School Volleyball

CIF Div II Valley Champions

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