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It’s Okay to Mess UP!

The sooner we can get it out of our head that mistakes are something to be avoided or that anything other than immediate success is embarrassing, the sooner we can make real growth and positive change in our lives. Continue reading

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Show UP and Be Present to Win

Is it enough to Show UP? Try out my four simple suggestions for showing up more intentionally. Take the 21 day challenge (or just do it for a week) and let me know how it goes!
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How to Increase the Odds of Reaching Your Goals by 85%

Did you know one simple step for goal achievement can increase your chance of success by up to 85%? That’s a remarkable increase don’t you think? The simple yet often missed step is ACCOUNTABILITY. To set yourself up for success, make … Continue reading

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Rip Up Your Scorecard

I am going to be brutally honest.  Please tell me I am not alone. I am a person that is driven, I am at my best when I have more than just a few plates spinning, I love to prepare, … Continue reading

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