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Enjoy the Climb UP

Enjoy the climb UP and seek growth and experience as the ultimate measure of your success. Continue reading

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How to Increase the Odds of Reaching Your Goals by 85%

Did you know one simple step for goal achievement can increase your chance of success by up to 85%? That’s a remarkable increase don’t you think? The simple yet often missed step is ACCOUNTABILITY. To set yourself up for success, make … Continue reading

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Deliberate Practice is The Key to Preparation and Antidote for Fear

Most athletes and coaches too, (in fact, all human beings on the planet) have a fear of failure or of not being “good enough” or “letting others down”. Many believe that they are not tall enough, smart enough, fast enough … Continue reading

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Rip Up Your Scorecard

I am going to be brutally honest.  Please tell me I am not alone. I am a person that is driven, I am at my best when I have more than just a few plates spinning, I love to prepare, … Continue reading

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