Individual Athletes

yahosh_post-1The year I had Shay as a constant mentor to me and my teammates in college was no doubt one the most influential forces that allowed us to make it to the NJCAA Basketball National Championship. Her positive energy is contagious and ongoing.  Read more

Yahosh Bonner (Assistant Coach Western Nebraska CC)


Simply put, Shay Goulding has changed my life.  I will forever and always be grateful Volleyball vs. Idahofor her influence and guidance.   She taught that being successful is a habit that can be developed; and that “playing small” never serves anyone.  The vision she painted of who I could become and the standard she set for me elevated my play, leadership and training.”

Kris Hymas, Utah State University Volleyball




“Working with Shay really helped my confidence as a leader and inspired me to set higher standards and really ‘step up’.  She will always play a big role in my life for the life lessons and motivation she gave me to pursue my goals and overcome adversity.”

Marquina Gilliam-Hicks, College of Idaho Women’s Basketball





By applying the simple lessons I learned from Shay I was able to see difficult experiences in my life in a whole new light and it actually inspired me to be a coach.”

Shordy Mulford, Louisiana Tech Women’s Basketballshordy_n

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