University & College Coaches

Head Coach Troy Tanner


Shay’s program had an immediate impact on our team.  Our athletes had an experience they will not soon forget.  It was awesome to see how Shay was able to engage them, stretch them and give them tools to learn more about themselves and tap into their inner strengths.



Head Coach Amy Bambanek


“The experience with Shay was literally a mental and physical game changer for our team. Her immediate connection with the team through sport specific analogies helped players break barriers that I know will help impact how we play volleyball, think volleyball and succeed in life.”  


Associate Head Coach AJ Bonetti


“UP Only! provided our girls with an “at home” insight only Shay could provide. Unlocking abilities they had inside them the whole time. This experience with Shay and the idea of UP Only! will be an experience the team will never forget. I would absolutely do it again and again!”



Head Coach Jamie Ivers


“Our experience with Shay was incredible. After Shay’s workshop we reviewed and refined our goals as a team and I noticed that they had a much more clear grasp of what it meant to be an athlete in our culture. There is now a deeper sense of buy-in from the ENTIRE team and EVERYONE contributed to the discussion which is something that has never happened before.”


Coach Tara Bendt

26987_115358605146409_1526932_nThis was my third time participating in Shay’s bootcamp because I was fortunate enough to experience her twice in college. It gets better each time and still amazes me how powerful it is. Now that I am a coach, I was sure I wanted my girls to have this opportunity and I truly feel it made a difference. I have been told time and time again how much they have grown from the experience and I can see it when they perform as well. I loved seeing them all conquer their fears and learn that they control their focus and can change it in an instant. I’m definitely going to carry that concept and “100% +1” throughout my coaching career. This experience had a big impact on my team and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!! I absolutely loved working with Shay! I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is a great investment for you and anyone looking to improve their confidence and performance. It was fun and life-changing! 

Head Coach Kim Lester


“Having Shay come was an amazing experience. I feel confident that my team now has the tools they need to be able to let things go and move forward in a positive way when obstacles come up.

As a person and as a coach, I feel empowered by her tools and I would highly recommend this experience to any team out there.

Thank you Shay!  You’re the best!” 

Head Coach Tom Peterson

Tom peterson head shot

Many professional speakers are able to deliver an inspired pep talk but that usually dissapates as soon as the evening is over and the effect on those listening is short lived.  But what Shay did for our team that day was almost palpable and what she shared with us continues to be a directing force for our group.  I highly recommend that any group wishing to change it’s thoughts and actions should have Shay Goulding come and work with them.  Read more


Assistant Coach Joy Nakaishi

Joy Nakaishi

Shay taught our student athletes how to change their mind set in an instant and was able to take them to a whole different level. She is not just teaching about the sport of volleyball she is teaching about the game of life. Shay is teaching these student athletes how to get the most out of themselves and their careers.

She has something to offer to all ages! I would highly recommend her to talk to ANY team!  Read more

Assistant Coach Brian Scott 

Brian Scott

Shay possesses a rare quality to captivate an audience and command their attention while teaching life building lessons. She inspires those she speaks with and guides them through the process of overcoming athletic and personal obstacles. I would highly recommend that Shay speak with your athletic team, social group, or workforce. Read more

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