Testimonials from Business & Personal Growth Workshops

bradShay Goulding spent just two energizing and powerful hours with our Creative team, and the results are amazing. I was looking for some basic “team building exercises,” but Shay brought so much more. Through her motivating energy, leadership training and knowledge and captivating stories, she magically moved us through a powerful session of “gifting” each other individually with positive as well as constructive feedback. One by one, we went around the room acknowledging each other and supporting each other in personal growth. It was an amazing experience, and worth every minute we were away from our desks. It has had a major impact on our team dynamics, working relationships and productivity. Now I want her to come back for sessions with the whole company! Thank you Shay!”

–Brad Stauffer, Vice President, Creative and Product Development, BrownTrout Publishers, Inc.

3b5732aI think our facilitator Shay did a remarkable job bringing insights, enthusiasm, personal experiences and knowledge to the discussions.  She kept us engaged with good examples to elaborate on different discussion points and encouraged us to actively participate.  Shay treated each person that participated as ‘special’ with the intent to add value to each person’s life.

The opportunity to complete the Master Mind Group on The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth was a wonderful experience.  I was introduced to several tools, techniques and effective ways of thinking to move my personal and professional life to a different level of possibility on my journey to reach my full potential.  I highly recommend that anyone committed to living life to the fullest on purpose and with passion consider getting the book and joining Shay’s next group.

— Liz Smith, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development


014c455Shay delivers high-value material and a wealth of personal experiences that are sure to elevate your game.

— Kamran Paydar, Senior Sales Director at CBRE, Inc.





0d58143Shay was incredibly supportive and loving.  I had never been in a position before when a leader displayed those qualities to that degree.  If you are looking for a way to grow and increase your capabilities in life, this workshop will teach you how to do so.

— Tiffany Jordan, Client and Family Education at MS Society




I never got involved in a self-improvement course before I met Shay.  I trusted her to make the process both enjoyable and friendly while making the most of my time in this experience.

Before the Mastermind Group, I did not put much thought into the idea of personal growth.  I assumed it just happened by living life.   Now that I understand what it means to take intentional action, living life has so many new possibilities.  That’s because of the new found potential within me to shape who I want to be every day.

–Jim Kennedy, Public Relations

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