High School Volleyball Teams

Woodlake High School, 2012 CIF Div IV Valley Champions

night of valley woodlakePHENOMENAL!!!!  I absolutely loved the mindset component of our experience together!!  It is very important to me that the girls take with them skills that will help them on the volleyball court, but more importantly skills they will have for a life time.  That is exactly what Shay gave them in the mindset experience. Shay broke it down in a simple form that really made a connection with each of the girls. In addition to the board breaking experience, Shay showed them that each girl has the power to break through anything that was holding them back.  This was a powerful exercise that will go with the girls for a lifetime!!  The girls came to me the next day thinking it was special board and when I explained it was real wood they were so PROUD of themselves and EMPOWERED that they could accomplish anything they set their mind to!!  They walked away taller!  The biggest impact I saw on the girls was the confidence!!  The girls believed in one another and become a tighter unit! They left stronger both physically and mentally!  Yes, I believe strongly that the 2 hours that Shay spent with Woodlake High School highly impacted our road to success in the post season!!!  It gave us the edge we needed to become Division 4 Valley Champions and continue to the second round of state!  Two claps for Coach Shay!!

Tori Johnson, Head Coach Woodlake High School

Mission Oak High School Volleyball Co-EYL Champions

bildeShay Goulding is an AMAZING woman!!!!  She’s a HUGE influence to women, men, and children everywhere at any age level.  Shay has given my athletes, coaching staff and myself a  competitive drive to not merely compete but to play with fervor and to win with dignity!!!! I am truly honored and blessed to say that she is without a doubt a fantastic instructor, mentor and friend!!!

Casey Norman, Head Coach Mission Oak High School, 2012 All Tulare County Coach of the Year

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