Tom Peterson Head Coach Weber State University Volleyball

Tom peterson head shotI asked Shay Goulding to present to our women’s volleyball team in an effort to boost our team morale.  What she accomplished was much more than that.  Many professional speakers are able to deliver an inspired pep talk but that usually dissapates as soon as the evening is over and the effect on those listening is short lived.  But what Shay did for our team that day was almost palpable and what she shared with us continues to be a directing force for our group.  During Shay’s presentation our players were asked to “break through” some physical and psychological barriers that were keeping our team and our individual team members from achieving their goals.  Every single person participating and listening to Shay felt they were inspired to make a paradigm shift of thought and this has impacted our team’s playing performance as well as improving our team dynamics.  Shay has continued to be in touch with our team to this day and our players feel as though she genuinely cares for them.  I highly recommend that any group wishing to change it’s thoughts and actions should have Shay Goulding come and work with them.

Tom Peterson Weber State University Volleyball Head Coach

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