Tori Johnson Head Coach Woodlake High School

woodlake valley champsThe coaching clinic I went to this summer powerfully improved the effectiveness of my coaching.  I gained many tools from the clinic.  Two of the biggest changes that helped me throughout this season were 1) Feedback- though this seems like such a basic thought for coaching I needed to hear it.  It is crucial to give your athletes CONSTANT feedback!  2)Having a white board in practice- AMAZING!!!!!!  As a program we kept stats on paper for games and practice before.  However, bringing in the whiteboard and statting most drills in a way that gave the kids a visual marker for their performance created a remarkable turn around for both the coaches and the players.  For the players, it holds them more accountable and they know where they rate as a passer/hitter/server etc. As a coach, it helps me quickly make decisions on who will best perform at what position. In addition to these tools, we were able to get some valuable drills that will help us in years to come for coaching.  I appreciated Shay’s organization and the resources that she gave us to use in the future.  I would highly recommend the coaching clinic to any level coach.  It was totally worth my time! I hope that you do another coaching clinic.  I would plan to bring all high school level coaches as well as our Jr. High Coaches!

Tori Johnson, Head Coach Woodlake High School

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