Woodlake High School Volleyball

Shay Goulding took my team to the next level.  For our league we are a strong team, however we wanted to be prepared for the playoffs and post season.  Shay gave my girls the mindset to become Division 4 Valley Champions and to make it to the second round of state!  It is truly amazing what she accomplished in a short amount of time.  She gave my hitters some tips that have helped increase their offensive effectiveness. She gave the team helpful tools to use during a match. For example, 1) The “ball has no memory” and 2) “Snap” -that play is over and get ready for the next.  My girls made a poster that said “Snap” and when the game got tough they would point to it. Since the clinic the girls have used the snap…literally.

One of our school counselors called me into his office and was giving praises and he brought up the snap-he was amazed at the poise that it gave the team.  He said how powerful it was from a psychological perspective that the girls are able to regain composure so quickly and confidently!

Shay is extremely organized and does the work to know as much about your team before she even walks in the gym. The girls were shocked how much she knew about them throughout the practice.  It really gave the girls the buy in that Shay does care and she wants what is best for each girl individually and collectively as a team.  Shay’s experience working with the Olympic team and coaching college teams gave the girls confidence that the information she shared was relevant and was positively going to increase their level of play and efficiency on the court.  I would absolutely work with Shay in the future.

I will be honest, this is the first time I have called in a consultant.  It was above and beyond my expectations!  It is an investment that will improve your team both physically and mentally.  It is absolutely a total package!!  Yes I would highly recommend and have recommended Shay to any volleyball program.  Simply because she consults with you as the Coach to see what your needs are and she addresses those issues and compliments them with what Shay feels are the keys to success.  It is not a generic experience.  It is personal to the needs of your team.  You will be amazed at Shay’s effectiveness.  The response from the girls is overwhelming.  It is amazing how much was accomplished in a short time.  The tools that Shay will leave you and your team with will be tools they will use for volleyball and for life!

Tori Johnson, Head Coach Wood Lake High School


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