Yahosh Bonner, Assistant Coach Western Nebraska Basketball

yahosh_post-1My interaction and experience having Shay as a life coach and professor was a major turning point in my life. She has allowed me not only to put my life into perspective but has shown me the steps that I needed to take to attain my goals. The year I had Shay as a constant mentor to me and my teammates in college was no doubt one the most influential forces that allowed us to make it to the NJCAA Basketball National Championship. Her positive energy is contagious and ongoing. She has a gift that not only has helped me athletically but now I am a coach and instruct athletes that were in the same position I was being guided to the most important decisions in my athletic career.  Now as an assistant Coach at Western Nebraska Community College, I visit elementary schools twice a week and present to them many of the keys to success that I learned from Shay Goulding.

Thanks Shay for being a Hero in my life!

Much Love, Yahosh Bonner (Assistant Coach Western Nebraska CC)

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